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An Inuit language of Canada. It is the official language of Nunavut and Nunavik.

[Inuit Inuktitut (literally, "like the Inuit, in Inuit fashion") : inuk, human being + -titut, like, similar to.]


(Languages) Canadian the language of the Inuit
[from Inuktitut inuk man + titut speech]


(ɪˈnʊk tɪˌtʊt, ɪˈnyʊk-)

the group of Inuit dialects spoken by Eskimos of central and E arctic Canada.
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In this process, it was important to understand appropriate Inuktitut terminology and local approaches to naming and distinguishing caribou in the region.
Johnston includes a helpful glossary of Inuktitut terms and names that are included in the story.
The churches and settlements were governed by religious ideals grounded in Biblical, liturgical, and catechetical literature and had as distinctive cultural contributions universal education and literacy in Inuktitut for male and female church members.
Margaret's Anglican Church in Ottawa, prayed in Inuktitut, her native language.
The subject of every display is illustrated mainly through carvings, carefully chosen and identified, in French, English, and, in many instances, Inuktitut.
What is clear is that it has not been helpful for Canada's 60,000-strong Inuit population to be unable to fully communicate in Inuktitut, the Inuit language, thanks to their varying dialects and distinct written characters.
Presented as an acrostic, each page represents one letter of the word inuksuk, accompanied by a an Inuktitut word that helps to build a survey or overview of life in the Arctic.
Cependant, ces ouvrages, rediges et publies en inuktitut seulement, n'ont pas rejoint un autre lectorat que celui des regions inuites, oU ils venaient en fait combler un besoin: celui d'offrir a lire aux jeunes Inuits des livres dans lesquels ils pouvaient s'identifier aux personnages.
Although a majority of the Inhabit Junior titles are only published in Inuktitut, a few books, such as this one, are also published in English.