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 (ĭ-no͞o′pē-ăk′, -äk′, -nyo͞o′-)
n. pl. Inupiaq or I·nu·pi·aqs or I·nu·pi·at (-ăt′, -ät′) or I·nu·pi·ats
1. A member of a group of Eskimoan peoples inhabiting the northwest and northern coastal areas of Alaska.
2. The language of the Inupiaq. See Usage Notes at Eskimo, Inuit.

[Inupiaq iñupiaq, original person : iñuk, person + -pia-, real + -q, sing. suff.]


or I•nu•pi•ak

(ɪˈnu piˌæk, ɪˈnyu-)

n., pl. -pi•at (-piˌæt)
1. a member of any of several Eskimo groups inhabiting NW and N Alaska, including the North Slope.
2. the group of Inuit dialects spoken by the Inupiat.
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Examples include an 1893 Tlingit war helmet from the southeast Alaska village of Taku and a 1935 Inupiaq feast bowl from Wales, near Nome on Alaska's northwest coast.
It also describes his interactions with Inupiaq natives and traders of the region.
The story started in October of that year when an Alaskan Inupiaq hunter first encountered the trapped whales.
Moreover, its degree of regressive consonant assimilation--whereby the first consonant in a cluster may assimilate to the following one--is minimal, as it is in Inupiaq (cf.
A controversy of immense proportions is rapidly coming to a head in Alaska," begins the twenty-four-year-old University of Alaska Inupiaq graduate student's essay-turned-newspaper-article-turned-land-claims-manifesto published in 1966 alerting the world that Alaska Natives claimed title to 100 percent of the land in Alaska.
Staffed by Director Josie Bahnke, the new Language Assistance Compliance Manager Indra Arriaga and Gwichin Panel Members the booth will have an interactive and audio display for Alaska Natives to hear the ballot measures in several languages, including Northern Inupiaq.
First Nations stories are beginning to be represented in powerful ways internationally--Never Alone (Kisima Inrjitchurja), a beautiful puzzle platform game based on Inupiaq folklore, was developed in conjunction with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council in Alaska, and released on all major consoles.
HILL, Erica, editor, Inupiaq Ethnohistory: Selected Essays by Ernest S.
You play a young Inupiaq girl, Nuna, who is joined by a white fox on her adventure.
Tegoseak, 29, was born in Barrow, moved away after high school and returned in the last two years with hopes of providing an opportunity for his young daughter to reconnect with their Inupiaq culture.
However, she admits to not making the same effort in her previous position as president of NANA Management Services in Alaska, where a number of different cultures meant there are multiple indigenous languages such as Inupiaq and Yupik.