Inverted siphon

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(Hydraulic Engineering) a tube bent like a siphon, but having the branches turned upward; specifically (Hydraulic Engineering), a pipe for conducting water beneath a depressed place, as from one hill to another across an intervening valley, following the depression of the ground.

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"The water course will also be permanently blocked by an inverted siphon which effectively acts like a big U-bend preventing the passage of water voles and other wildlife."
Except aqueducts and tunnels, other structures such as control gate, diversion, culvert, and inverted siphon were treated differently in WHYSWESS-WQ and MIKE 11 (Table 2).
That summer, surveys were completed for the pipeline and the inverted siphon that enabled the irrigation water to flow uphill and over the bridge.
Bonesteel adds that KWB was already familiar with Weholite, having used the pipe system in a pilot project on an inverted siphon application in 1999.
River I/I can occur through combined sewer overflow (CSO) and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) outfalls, inverted siphon river crossings, storm sewer cross connections, broken pipes, manhole lids, catch basins, and leaking underground pipes located near the river.