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Contract notice: Security and construction services route 5321 treuchtlingen-wrzburg, Investive renewal triesdorf - oberdachstetten (module 400)
Although copyright scholars for the most part have not grappled at length with remedial deterrence, some work has been done on the manipulation of copyright law to avoid what would be seen as harsh consequences of rigid application of copyright doctrine, for example in the development of a taxonomy of general, limited, investive, and divestive publication under the 1909 Copyright Act.
The dominance of the Chinese market," says the report, "has been driven by expanding wealth, strong domestic supply and the investive drive of Chinese art buyers.
Investive corruption entails the offer of goods or services without a direct link to any particular favor at the present, but in anticipation of future situations when the favor may be required.
For a helpful overview of investive and divestive publication, see ROBERT GORMAN & JANE GINSBURG, COPYRIGHT: CASES AND MATERIALS 384-87 (5th ed.
Today Finals: EasyJet, Hit Entertainment, Investive Leisure Interims: BAA, ebookers.
Contract notice: security and construction services route 5321 treuchtlingen - wrzburg, investive renewal catenary triesdorf - oberdachstetten - ansbach - lehrberg (lot 1 to 3).
Total quantity or scope: Construction supervision services for the Investive superstructure program 2017 of the production district Kassel.
The financing of the construction work is done partly with funds from the funding program Investive Sports Venue promotion.
The existing IT processes AGRI-funding support funding process on the basis of various EU and national legal regulations and directives with respect to the EAFRD investive.
Contract notice: Investives superstructure program 2016 manufacturing execution district (pd) frankfurt (m), construction supervision.
Contract notice: Investives track programme 2015, pd frankfurt (m), construction supervision.