Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(112.) Although copyright scholars for the most part have not grappled at length with remedial deterrence, some work has been done on the manipulation of copyright law to avoid what would be seen as harsh consequences of rigid application of copyright doctrine, for example in the development of a taxonomy of general, limited, investive, and divestive publication under the 1909 Copyright Act.
"The dominance of the Chinese market," says the report, "has been driven by expanding wealth, strong domestic supply and the investive drive of Chinese art buyers." Emerging-market buyers have also increasingly favored indigenous works and items that represent their cultural heritage.
The factors subsumed in this definition of corruption are so broad that they prompted Gire to provide the following refinement of its scope: In an elaborate analysis, Alatas (1990) divided corruption into seven distinct types: autogenic, defensive, extortive, investive, nepotistic, supportive, and transactive.
In fact, courts developed two parallel definitions: a relatively permissive definition that was typically applied in cases where an author wanted to show that he had published his work and thereby triggered protection ("investive" publication), and a narrow definition that was applied in cases where the author wanted to show that he had not published and hence it did not matter that he had failed to give adequate copyright notice ("divestive" publication).
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