n.1.Investiture; investment.
v. t.1.To clothe; to invest; to install.
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Tenders are invited for Supplying Of Cut Flowers And Floral Laris During The Investure Ceremony Of Sub Inspectors Of Cbi At Cbi Training Academy Ghaziabad, Dg.
Two years ago when asked in an interview on CNBC whether private equity was good for individual investors, Investure CEO Alice Handy said, "I understand why the industry would want to be in 401(K)s [but] it's sort of crazy for the average investor.
Are the often-customized products of a Goldman Sachs necessarily a better fit then the pooled vehicle favored by boutiques (of which, besides Yusko's Morgan Creek, there are many, including former Stanford endowment chief Eric Upin's Makena Capital, Alice Handy's Investure, and Hilda Ochoa's Strategic Investment Group)?
Today he is due to join St David's Day celebrations in Cardiff where he is holding an investure at Cardiff Castle.
Investure provides and outsourced investment office for a small group of colleges and foundations.