Invincible ignorance

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(Theol.) ignorance beyond the individual's control and for which, therefore, he is not responsible before God.

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There was a sumptuous serenity in it all, a thin, vibrating excitement, the perfect security, as of an invincible ignorance, that evoked within him a transcendent belief in felicity as the lot of all mankind, a recklessly picturesque desire to get promptly something for himself only, out of that splendour unmarred by any shadow of a thought.
That is a prejudice based on a stereotype rooted in invincible ignorance.
The claim to it in matters of revelation has long been made by the Catholic Church, and insisted on, sometimes with vehemence, by popes over the past several centuries: the miracles and supernatural signs are so manifest that denial implies invincible ignorance or bad faith or the like.
There exists many an upper-middle-class teenage Australian whom 12 years of notional Catholic schooling have left in apparently invincible ignorance of these data.
Invincible ignorance in American foreign policy; the triumph of ideology over evidence.
The silence on this issue compared to the invincible ignorance over whether President Obama should speak at the University of Notre Dame is disappointing.
Some have suggested ill-will, or purposeful misinformation, or even invincible ignorance, or perhaps just a politician marshalling arguments for a position already reached for other reasons.
This kind of invincible ignorance makes tyranny possible.
I never cease to be amazed by the apparently invincible ignorance of the great British public.
Of course it is the very idea that soldiers are capable of discriminating between just and unjust wars that the argument from invincible ignorance seeks to challenge.
health care system "best in the world" is a perfect example of living in invincible ignorance.