Invisible green

a very dark shade of green, approaching to black, and liable to be mistaken for it.

See also: Invisible

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The first was a sky- blue, in the vain expectation that the eye might be cheated into the belief it was the heavens themselves that hung so imposingly over Marmaduke’s dwelling; the second was what he called a “cloud-color,” being nothing more nor less than an imitation of smoke; the third was what Richard termed an invisible green, an experiment that did not succeed against a background of sky.
-- To one lie, second class; damaged black cloth sold for invisible green...............................................
"The Health Secretary with his invisible green paper on social care, the Transport Secretary with his invisible ferries and his invisible traffic jams, and of course the Prime Minister running around Europe obtaining invisible concessions on Brexit."
Jan solved the problem of the obtrusive new walls by using Invisible Green paint.
All you see are bunkers, which is not a good mental image when you're trying to hammer a three-metal to an invisible green.
Half the book is Invisible Green, a set of nine brief essays originally published as a column in American Poetry Review.
Audience is nowhere to be seen." And yet this is a writer with an unerring sense of primal form and a wide sympathy for the reader; indeed, in Revell's poetic the former implies the latter: "Ecstasy pluralizes." Invisible Green continues a long tradition in American letters, the tradition of the isolato, listening to and gazing out upon the world, who, in his or her isolation, is simultaneously in communion with others.
This instance of Revell's religious confidence (one among many in Invisible Green) does not come easily, but one must go to his poetry for the final proof of that.
The clever formulation has invisible green pigments through it to stop that hideous orange glow.
"Methinks my own soul must be a bright invisible green."
But the phrase "invisible green" makes an even earlier appearance, at the very end of his journal entry dated June II, 1840.
When I behold that dull yellowish green I wonder if my own soul is not a bright invisible green. I would fain lay my eye side by side with its--and learn of it.