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Selon un communique, les avocats de Diaby ont saisi, mercredi, le TAS pour inviter "la Cour supreme" du sport a dire "toute la verite" et a annuler la decision de la commission "Ethique" qui a egalement somme le vice-president de payer une amende de 25.000 dollars americains.
Un communique du ministre de l'Interieur precise que les listes arretees conformement aux dispositions de la loi 44.18 relative au service militaire et les textes organiques de son application, et tenant compte du principe d'egalite entre les citoyens et de garantie de l'equilibre entre les regions, ont ete soumises aux services des prefectures et provinces et prefectures d'arrondissement pour imprimer les avis qui seront adresses aux personnes concernees en vue de les inviter a remplir le formulaire de recensement les concernant.
Rave Inviter (6,5) VVALL answers on page 33 Compiled by Matt Butler, David Carr and Daniel Hill
[ moins que]C'est au ministAaAaAeA?re de la santAaAaAeA@ de nous inviter et de pro par des actes concrets la bonne volontAaAaAeA@ qu'il affiche [beaucoup pl grand que].
I turned down every one of them simply because those things don't appeal to me, and, to save both inviter and invitee the trouble, I had myself dropped from the guest list.
RIYADH: The Ministry of Culture and Information directed the press not to register the title of "Sheikh" on marriage invitation cards, unless the inviter is a sheikh from a tribe accredited by the Ministry of Interior, or is clergy, Okaz newspaper reported.
It also aimed at providing an opportunity for IT inviter and entrepreneurs of the province to connect with the rest of the world and share ideas and get educated about the tech-entrepreneurs ship and online work as a high potential alternative to traditional jobs.
Su-Kam has made available a range of solar products for diverse requirements of customer's - right from the small solar powered Home lighting solutions, MPPT based Solar Charge controller, Grid tie inviter, Battery equalizer, Demo tool kit, DC system- led fan, Solar Street lighting systems etc.