n.1.The state of being involved.
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This report describes the rapid spread of an ongoing outbreak of ZVD affecting the pregnant women cared for at our hospital, and the involvedness of managing an institutional response to a health crisis.
As the children and their chaperons danced in 'free association', their capacity to cope with the sophistication of the involvedness of self-inquiry which inheres in the dynamic intertextuality of the Carnivalesque Therapeutic Arts, in turn tasked both chaperon/teacher and reveller/student, to a productive and rewarding coexistence within the learning process.
The ten tasks were sequenced from simple to complex based on the involvedness of the solution.
A denial of simplicity certainly rings true as part of Galt's assertion of vast, cryptic involvedness in place of the threads of "story," and Wickman neatly identifies the ironic limitation imposed on Balwhidder's worldview.
Passengers were facing great involvedness owing to the cancellation of domestic and international flights.
Thankfully, Perry does not stumble into this trap, and, in "Essentials of Spraying and Dusting," he exhibits an involvedness and an honesty about the land and his neighbors that belies any facile mythic-pastoral or any easy environmental alternative.
involvedness of Armenian women in the politics also causes concern.
Depending on the involvedness of the investment or project, many will benefit in terms of career movement, technical skills development, and / or possible financial benefits.
Biber has, thus, established that features of involvedness and informational production are in complementary distribution: if a text makes greater use of features of involvedness, it will contain correspondingly lesser features of informational production and vice versa.
A child's mind thrives on uncertainty, involvedness and creativeness.
In this relation, the coexistence of realism and psychological involvedness proffers a more wide-ranging and allusive fortitude to the 'American theme' achieved by employing dramatic but significant narrative style that helps to produce emotionally charged effect for "the relation between linguistic and cognitive structures is clearly the key to understanding how the novel works.
For the European Union to be truly ready to take on a conflict of such magnitude and involvedness, it's required to fully and clearly abandon the old ways of near complete subservience to America's tilted and pro-Israel stances, and of refusing to treat Palestinians as equally deserving of the same rights and security that they gladly assign to Israel.