n.1.The state of being involved.
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Like the legal complicatedness of consent, pain, pleasure, and intentionality in Twyman, the unimaginable involvedness of the law surrounding domestic abuse and rape amidst the ever-widening commercial availability of Viagra pills and their knock-offs begs "for serious feminist consideration," (21) an iteration of first departure from Halley.
With each battle executing a new level of involvedness, the fighters themselves have become more complex in their design.
A child's mind thrives on uncertainty, involvedness and creativeness.
For the European Union to be truly ready to take on a conflict of such magnitude and involvedness, it's required to fully and clearly abandon the old ways of near complete subservience to America's tilted and pro-Israel stances, and of refusing to treat Palestinians as equally deserving of the same rights and security that they gladly assign to Israel.
Thankfully, Perry does not stumble into this trap, and, in "Essentials of Spraying and Dusting," he exhibits an involvedness and an honesty about the land and his neighbors that belies any facile mythic-pastoral or any easy environmental alternative.
Depending on the involvedness of the investment or project, many will benefit in terms of career movement, technical skills development, and / or possible financial benefits.