v. t.1.To encircle.
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According to above analysis, the object of the present study is thermal loss and temperature field of inwheel motor in micro-electric vehicle.
Permanent magnet of inwheel motor adopts Nd-Fe-B, which possesses the satisfactory magnetic flux density performances, but its temperature coefficient is high and its heat resistance is bad.
where [P.sub.sN] is the stray loss when the output power of the inwheel motor is in rated power, and [I.sub.N] is the rated current of the in-wheel motor.
The air gap between stator and rotor was dealt with, and the revolving rotor made the air of air gap flow when the inwheel motor was running.
7 show that the load of in-wheel motor is more than 110 kg or the revolving speed of inwheel motor is more than 1800 r/min, and the temperature of winding and stator can be more than 100 [degrees]C, which can lead to the overheating of in-wheel motor, the burning out of winding insulation layer, the failure of Hall sensor and the demagnetization of permanent magnet, and even seriously the in-wheel motor to stall.
In addition, Table also shows that the range of temperature is small among the parts, which indicates the inwheel motor has a good heat transfer effect.