iodized salt

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i´o`dized salt´

n.1.Table salt to which an inorganic iodide compound has been added as a nutritional supplement to prevent goiter.
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Most subjects did not use a vitamin-mineral supplement containing iodine and had not used iodized salt recently.
Despite those efforts, a study estimated that the coverage of iodized salt in the district was 70% (4).
iodized salt contains 45 mg l/kg according to labels.
Major activities of NIDDCP are IDD surveys, supply of iodised salt, re-surveys every five years, monitoring iodised salt consumption, laboratory monitoring of iodized salt, urinary iodine concentration and education.
To learn more about the history of iodized salt, visit the Salt Institute's Web site: www.
An intelligent population makes the economy of a country grow and when the economy grows, there is a stability,'' Moore, also well-known for his television portrayal of ''The Saint,'' told a press conference on the use of iodized salt.
The association of iodized salt producer (Aprogakop) in Central Java has urged the government to take action against companies producing iodized salt below standard.
But in some areas of the world, iodized salt is not easily available.
Seafood and iodized salt can supply the iodine needed for normal function of the thyroid, whose hormones play an important role in cognition and learning.
RAWALPINDI -- Additional Deputy Commissioner Mian Bahzad Adil on Tuesday directed the health department officials to create awareness among the masses for using Iodized salt.
Representative of United Nation, Food and Agriculture Organization Francisco Gamarro said that improvement was noted in percentage of underweight children and use of iodized salt.
Meanwhile, use of Iodized salt is inevitable for the mental and physical growth, Executive District Officer (Health) declared here today.