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An island of western Scotland in the southern Inner Hebrides. Iona was an early center of Celtic Christianity.


(Placename) an island off the W coast of Scotland, in the Inner Hebrides: site of St Columba's monastery (founded in 563) and an important early centre of Christianity. Area: 854 ha (2112 acres)


(aɪˈoʊ nə)

an island in the Hebrides, off the W coast of Scotland: center of early Celtic Christianity.
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Columba, who built a church and founded a monastery on the island of Iona. And from there his eager, wandering priests carried the story far and wide, northward to the fortress of the Pictish kings, and southward to the wild Saxons who dwelt amid the hills and uplands of Northumbria.
By this time, now and then sheering to one side or the other to avoid a reef, but still hugging the wind and the land, we had got round Iona and begun to come alongside Mull.
I would like to thank all the staff at Iona Hospital and Home for their caring and dedication, and thanks to the staff at all the other aged-care facilities who give equally wonderful care but are maligned because they are in the same profession as the smart minority of carers who have abused the trust given to them.
InfoExpress, Alcatel-Lucent's partner, sold the CyberGatekeeper solution to Iona College and is providing support.
Iona was given a revolutionary "magic bullet" to attack the rare and deadly form of brain cancer that had struck her for the third time.
Unlike many, Iona does not have a "what's in it for me?" attitude regarding social issues such as health care.
Iona believes a combination of recently announced consulting, migration and support services for JBoss's free, open source application server will disrupt BEA's integration business.
Iona has utterly lost its momentum in the data integration space, with sales in the first quarter ended March 31 more than halving, and a net loss of $11.9m, up from a loss of $6.6m on revenue 56.9% lower at $17m.
Orbix Mainframe v5.1 is based on IONA's patented Adaptive Runtime Technology (ART), making it the only enterprise-class integration solution that can deliver the unique scalability and performance advantages of a 'Service-Oriented Architecture' to the mainframe.
Iona was derived from the 1989 cross A89232S with the pedigree Idaho 367/`Klasic'.
By joining IONA Japan's Certified Strategic Partnership Program, Toshiba will be able to strengthen its e-business systems integration offerings with IONA Orbix E2A.
The primary end point in IONA was a composite of death due to coronary heart disease, nonfatal MI, or unplanned hospitalization for cardiac chest pain.