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 (ē′ə-nĕs′kō, yə-), Eugène 1909?-1994.
Romanian-born French dramatist whose plays The Bald Soprano (1950) and Rhinoceros (1959) are classics of the theater of the absurd.


(ˌiːəˈnɛskəʊ; French jɔnɛsko)
(Biography) Eugène (øʒɛn). 1912–94, French dramatist, born in Romania; a leading exponent of the theatre of the absurd. His plays include The Bald Prima Donna (1950) and Rhinoceros (1960)


(yəˈnɛs koʊ, ˌi əˈnɛs-)

Eugène, 1912–94, French playwright, born in Romania.
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Noun1.Ionesco - French dramatist (born in Romania) who was a leading exponent of the theater of the absurd (1912-1994)
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Ionesco has difficulties coping with death and guignol, and with the helplessness of the human condition and life's absurdity:
Horrocks steals many a scene as both TV presenter Katy Grin and as Edina's assistant Bubble, a creature so incredibly loopy she seems to have wandered in front the Ionesco play next door.
To his credit, Ionesco filled the stage with interesting images, enhanced by Florica Malureanu's fascinating array of costumes.
Earlier this century writers like Tristzan Zara and Eugene Ionesco were part of the European literary avant-garde.
The term black comedy also was applied to a number of playwrights in the Theater of the Absurd, especially to Eugene Ionesco.
While Vannier limited the application of his theory to the works of Beckett, Adamov, and Ionesco, Jeanette Malkin takes Vannier's idea that language is sometimes the subject of drama, narrows it to a more specific approach, and then applies it to a number of plays written since Vannier's study.
Born in Peekskill, New York, Boyle studied music before turning to literature under the spell of absurdist, antiheroic, and black-comedic writers such as Eugene Ionesco, Jean Genet, <IR> JOHN BARTH </IR> , and <IR> THOMAS PYNCHON </IR> .
Their next production, Max Frisch's The Firebugs, has just begun and will be followed by works by Brecht, Sartre, Genet, Ionesco and Shakespeare.
It's been like a play by Ionesco with footnotes by Kafka," Randall says of the unusual legal struggle.
Tortured throughout most of his life by poverty, drug addiction, and mental and physical illness, he left a legacy that took nearly thirty years to reach fruition in the works of such avant - garde dramatists as Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Jean Genet, and Edward Albee.
Elegi para esta columna algunos extractos de textos de autores como: Eugene Ionesco, ya que en los anos 60, cuando yo vivia en Paris, se hablaba mucho de el; tambien seleccione una parte de una entrevista que Elena Poniatowska le hizo a Ionesco, asi como lineas escritas por Eliot Weinberger y Salvador Dali.