Iraqi National Congress

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Noun1.Iraqi National Congress - a heterogeneous collection of groups united in their opposition to Saddam Hussein's government of Iraq; formed in 1992 it is comprised of Sunni and Shiite Arabs and Kurds who hope to build a new government
opposition - a body of people united in opposing something
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Though many point to Chalabi's role in providing flawed intelligence--the Iraqi National Congress was behind the defectors whose unsubstantiated claims pointed to Saddam's supposed weapons of mass destruction--his quiet conversations with policymakers may have been more instrumental.
Secular Groups: Iraqi National Congress (INC) and Iraq National Accord (INA).
Next came Chalabi the dissident, the Iraqi National Congress head who devoted his every waking moment to guiding America into war with Saddam.
The CIA sponsored Al-Chalabi after the Kuwait liberation war in 1991 and spent millions on the Iraqi National Congress.
None of the big players really want civil war," says an Iraqi military official closely affiliated with Ahmad Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress.
It's probably too much to expect a follow-up trial of the sources affiliated with the Iraqi National Congress that the Senate Intelligence Committee's September report concluded were used to attempt to influence U.
Referring additionally to false information being given the administration by the exile group Iraqi National Congress (IRC), the report noted that IRC partisans wanted to give the Bush administration some reasons to attack Iraq; therefore, they reported that Saddam's government had nuclear, chemical, and biological weaponry.
The report also questions the use of intelligence gathered from sources affiliated with the anti-Saddam Iraqi National Congress, suggesting that defectors gave false information in an attempt to convince the United States that Iraq had links to terrorism and possessed weapons of mass destruction.
police, Chalabi, once president of the dissident Iraqi National Congress and now deputy prime minister of Iraq, strode triumphantly into his den of true believers.
Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress had a ''minimal impact'' on Bush administration assessments of Iraqi WMD capabilities -- assessments no different from those the Clinton administration used to justify its 1998 Desert Fox bombing campaign.
1992: He is convicted of embezzlement and sentenced in absentia to 22 years, flees Jordan and sets up Iraqi National Congress (INC).
Chalabi, aged 58, who left Iraq as a teenager, leads the Iraqi National Congress and had close ties to the Pentagon before falling out of favour last year after claims he passed intelligence to Iran.

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