Iraqi dinar

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Noun1.Iraqi dinar - the basic unit of money in Iraq; equal to 1,000 fils
fils - a fractional monetary unit in Bahrain and Iraq and Jordan and Kuwait; equal to one thousandth of a dinar
Iraqi monetary unit - monetary unit in Iraq
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However, many Americans considered Trump's suggestions as a proof the Iraqi dinar, that has been suffering since the Kuwait war with sanctions and consecutive wars on Iraq, is going to improve to be worth more than the US dollar.
GLOBE PHOTO By Swara Kadir What are the dangers facing the Iraqi dinar? What has the Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) been doing to stabilize the value of the unstable Iraqi dinar?
The company has held the largest market share in Iraqi dinar sales since 2004 but took a temporary hiatus from sales to undergo changes within the company.
Summary: <p>Everyone is talking about the Iraqi dinar. Forex speculators and small investors alike are investing in the new currency hoping for big returns.AaAs Iraq becomes more and more stable, more Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners are looking at the Dinar as one of the most promising currency to trade.
Under Saddam Hussein's regime, attempts to compete with his foreign exchange trading monopoly were--to put it mildly--credibly deterred, and the Iraqi dinar functioned as a powerful instrument of repression.
The first road project was with the length of 26 km with a cost of 2.73 billion Iraqi dinars, while the second was 27.15 km in length with a cost of 10.3 billion Iraqi dinars.
Summary: Iraq is looking to raise its 2012 investment budget to as much as 60 trillion Iraqi dinars ($51 billion) to inject more money into ongoing investment projects and to start new ones, its planning minister said.
Karbala (NINA) -- MP from Ahrar Bloc, Jawad Al Hasnawi, announced that Rusafa Court released the former Karbala governor, on one million Iraqi dinars bail, upon charges of 23 billion Iraqi dinars embezzlement.

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