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Noun1.Irena - type genus of the Irenidae: fairy bluebirdsIrena - type genus of the Irenidae: fairy bluebirds
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Irenidae, Irenidae - a family of birds of the suborder Oscines
bluebird, fairy bluebird - fruit-eating mostly brilliant blue songbird of the East Indies
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Following this line of thought, Irena dedicated her life to helping others and had become a director of social services in Warsaw by the time war broke out in 1939.
The Minister said that voting on admission of new members to the IRENA was held in the UAE's capital Abu Dhabi.
Irena Sendler was born into a Catholic family in Poland in 1910.
Irena, crecio en una familia que le inculco valores y le enseno a amar a los demas: "Yo no hice nada especial, solo hice lo que debia, nada mas.
The IRENA-UNO delegation briefed the ambassador about the IRENA's Asia and Pacific plan in terms of finding out an effective mechanism to collaborate with the regional countries in carrying out the need assessment and provide them with necessary policy advice and technological assistance.
Irena told WAFA, "My happiness will not be fulfilled until my husband Ibrahim is released and by my side, as well as my nine prison mates, who are still in the Israeli jails, and suffering greatly from the continuous Israeli oppression measures against them."
IRENA - the intergovernmental organisation dedicated to promoting the adoption of renewable energy worldwide - also selected Adnan Amin, the former Acting Interim Director General as the Director General of the Agency.
Irena kept a record of the names of all of the children that she had smuggled out and kept those names in a glass jar buried under a tree in her backyard.
Earlier this week, IRENA chief Helene Pelosse quit her position as the agency's first interim director.
It sounds a bit vague - what exactly does IRENA want to achieve?
Twenty-six countries have already ratified the IRENA statutes that enter into force on 8 July.
The book comprises two parts: "Diaries and Dream Books" and "Dictionaries." The first part contains diary notes about various times in the life of the book's persona (let's call her Irena).