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A SAUCY new survey has revealed what turns Irish people on behind closed doors.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 27, 2016-Aer Lingus captures homecomings of Irish people
AT least 179 Irish people have been left stranded in Egypt amid terrorism fears.
The Irish people have begun to lose confidence in politics and in the political process," he said.
ALMOST 60,000 Irish people have pocketed a total of EUR1.
THE Irish people have spoken and they have made clear that they do not want a Treaty that takes so many powers from the countries of Europe and gives it to distant institutions in Brussels.
IRISH people living in Coventry are experiencing greater health problems than those born and brought up in the city, a report has revealed It highlighted the widespread and persistent rate of continuing ill-health among the local Irish community.
IRISH people have topped a new study on drinking in Europe by knocking back almost WICE as much alcohol as our neighbours in a year.
Mr Rogers jokes about Irish people wanting to rejoin the United Kingdom.
He said: "Forty years ago, Irish people came over to Britain with literally muscle and brawn to offer.
In a moment of heightened awareness and deep emotion which I have never been able to explain in rational terms, I realized that there would never be peace in Ireland until there was an expression of sorrow for all the hurt and injustice that had been done to the Irish people.
John McDonagh, the editor of the Irish People, broke a self-imposed silence on why he had canceled former IRA soldier Joe Doherty's weekly "Letter From the Cell Block" column that has won a following among Irish-Americans, the media, and various national politicians.

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