Irish whisky

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Noun1.Irish whisky - whiskey made in Ireland chiefly from barley
whiskey, whisky - a liquor made from fermented mash of grain
poteen - unlawfully distilled Irish whiskey
Irish coffee - sweetened coffee with Irish whiskey and whipped cream
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"The people round here, when they're all sodden up with Irish whisky, may believe in such things.
RETRO games, street food and Irish whisky are on the bill for a St Patrick's weekend party at Stack.
Marks reports selling a lot of Redbreast, Jameson expressions and Powers John's Lane among his 20 bottles of Irish whisky. But Scotch comprises about 40% of the bar's whisky list; 2-oz.
Get yourself down to Temple Bar Dublin between 12pm - 2pm on Friday April 5 where there'll be a hive of activity to celebrate Bushmills Irish Whisky's big reveal.

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