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This year's event features Bob Harper of NBC's “The Biggest Loser” and Irish Wolfhounds from as Grand Marshals of the pledge walk around beautiful Lake Evans in Fairmount Park, Riverside.
There are more than 400 different breeds of dogs in the world, from the tiny Chihuahua (chih-WAH-wah) to the huge Irish wolfhound. Then there are all kinds of mixed breeds--better known as "mutts."
Leading the procession was Irish wolfhound and mascot Domhnall, who Kate patted and stroked several times while presenting him with a shamrock.
She also patted Irish wolfhound mascot Domhnall, who led the parade of 350 soldiers.
While there, the mom of three also met the Irish wolfhound Domhnall.
Experts say the recession is also to blame as families struggle to cover the cost of caring for big breeds like the Irish wolfhound, which has also been affected.
In fact, on Monday at Liverpool Town Hall I hosted a visit from the Irish Guards and Domhnall - their Irish wolfhound mascot.
These two unlikely companions travel far and wide on a roller coaster ride of sex, drugs and sausage rolls - not to mention assorted policemen, the CIA, fortune tellers, spies, smugglers, war criminals, a lovelorn African man servant, exotic dancers, Italians disguised as the Pope and a particularly over excitable Irish Wolfhound.
Breeds ranged from greyhound to aKita and Irish wolfhound to Tibetan terrier.
Examples of breeds participating in the project include the Golden Retriever and Alsatian for cancer; the English Cocker Spaniel for aggressive behaviour; the Doberman Pinscher and Boxer for hypothyroid diseases; the Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound for cardio-vascular disorders; while the West Highland Terrier is being studied for lung diseases.
Dogs are gathering for the first annual meeting of the WOOF Society, chaired by an Irish wolfhound, to listen to the secret diaries of dogs from around the world and through history?

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