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A city of south-central Russia near the southern end of Lake Baikal. It is an industrial center and a major stop on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.


(Russian irˈkutsk)
(Placename) a city in S Russia; situated on the Trans-Siberian railway; university (1918); one of the largest industrial centres in Siberia, esp for heavy engineering. Pop: 587 000 (2005 est)



a city in the S Russian Federation in Asia, on the Angara, W of Lake Baikal. 626,000.
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to Irkutsk, Russia and from Daejeon, South Korea to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Research Station, Antarctica, people from all walks of life will be celebrating human spaceflight together.
In 2001, the Russian government confirmed in a statement signed by President Vladimir Putin and then Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori in Irkutsk, Russia, that the 1956 joint declaration is legally valid, it said.
Police in Irkutsk, Russia, were alerted after body parts were dumped in a bin.
From 2002 to 2003, be was a visiting faculty fellow at Irkutsk State University in Irkutsk, Russia.
The aircraft landed in Irkutsk, Russia and the cause of the incident was not immediately clear, The Associated Press reported.
Botvinkin is the deputy director of Plague Control Research Institute of Siberia and the Far East in Irkutsk, Russia.
Joseph diocese in Irkutsk, Russia, flew April 19 from Warsaw to Moscow's main international airport, presented his valid multiple-entry visa and was told by members of the Border Guard Service that he was on a list ot people to be denied entry.
The church is named for the 18th-century saint from Irkutsk, Russia, who did missionary work in Alaska.
Blacksmith Vladmir Boronov, 56, who had used a live artillery shell as an anvil for 10 years at Irkutsk, Russia, was blown to bits when a hammer blow finally set it off.
Aircraft manufacturing will take place at Irkut Corporation's plant in Irkutsk, Russia.
Eugene's other sister cities are Irkutsk, Russia, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Chinju, South Korea.
Irkutsk, Russia is apparently a known UFO hotspot, with dozens of sightings reported every year and in March local media reported a slew of incidents.