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 (gŏs′ən, gŏz-)
An exposed, oxidized portion of a mineral vein, especially a rust-colored outcrop of iron ore.

[Cornish gossen, from gōs, blood, from Old Cornish guit.]


(Mining & Quarrying) an oxidized portion of a mineral vein in rock


(ˈgɒs ən, ˈgɒz-)

a rust-colored, oxidized deposit along an exposed iron-bearing vein.
[1770–80; orig. dial. (Cornwall) < Cornish, derivative of gōs blood; akin to Welsh gwaed]
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The remaining drill holes completed this year on the Iron Cap deposit at Seabridge Gold's 100%-owned KSM project in north western British Columbia have confirmed a northern down plunge extension of the high grade core zone originally discovered by Seabridge in 2016.
of gold and just over 10 billion metric tons (mt) of copper, Seabridge is now looking to expand its Iron Cap zone at KSM, already the world's largest undeveloped gold project.
Then, of course, I had to go and have a drink of water from the fountain with the iron cap which was chained to the fountain.
Author'S note: Many thanks and a big tip of the Rusty Iron cap to Peter J.
Pig iron containing nickel, a new product processed from laterite (iron cap), which has 94% content of Fe and 3% content of Ni.
The 2018 program includes confirmation work to ensure that the project is ready for final feasibility when a partner is secured and exploration drilling to further define the higher grade core of the Iron Cap deposit down-plunge from the existing inferred resource.
Seabridge Gold has reported the results of a new preliminary economic assessment (PEA) of it KSM gold-copper-silver project in northern British Columbia that includes underground mining of inferred resources in the project's Deep Kerr and Iron Cap Lower zones.
The inferred resource in the project's Deep Kerr deposit has been expanded by 52% to 782 million mt grading 0.33 g/mt gold and 0.54% copper for 8.2 million oz of contained gold and 9.3 billion lb of copper, while an initial inferred resource for the project's Iron Cap Lower Zone has come in at 154 million mt averaging 0.59 g/mt gold and 0.27% copper for 3.1 million oz of contained gold and 961 million lb of copper.
Pursuing this model, Seabridge has discovered two core zones to date--Deep Kerr and the Iron Cap Lower Zone.