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1. An ore of iron, FeCO3.
2. A meteorite consisting mainly of iron and nickel.

sid′er·it′ic (-ə-rĭt′ĭk) adj.
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1. (Minerals) Also called: chalybite a pale yellow to brownish-black mineral consisting chiefly of iron carbonate in hexagonal crystalline form. It occurs mainly in ore veins and sedimentary rocks and is an important source of iron. Formula: FeCO3
2. (Astronomy) a meteorite consisting principally of metallic iron
sideritic adj
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(ˈsɪd əˌraɪt)

1. a brown or yellow mineral, iron carbonate, FeCO3.
2. a meteorite consisting almost entirely of iron.
[1845–50; < Greek sídēr(os) iron + -ite1]
sid`er•it′ic (-ˈrɪt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.siderite - iron ore in the form of ferrous carbonate
iron ore - an ore from which iron can be extracted
2.siderite - a meteorite consisting principally of nickel and iron
meteorite - stony or metallic object that is the remains of a meteoroid that has reached the earth's surface
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Characteristic of the mixed regime is the formation of scales of iron carbonate and iron sulfide.
The protection process (iron carbonate precipitation) is due to the C[O.sub.2] hydration which causes the formation of carbonic acid:
Analysis of the minerals showed that the first mineral to grow along its veins was iron carbonate, which would have been formed by carbon dioxide-rich water of around 150[degrees]C.
Observations in the high-resolution mode of the Compact Reconnaissancemaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) instrument on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show spectral characteristics of calcium or iron carbonate at this site.
Identification of these phases on the basis of the data of International Centre for Data Diffraction (Copyright 2007) shows that they contain the following compounds: iron carbonate (FeC[O.sub.3], characteristic lines at 78.3036 and 112.7 988[degrees]) and iron oxylate ([C.sub.2]Fe[O.sub.4], characteristic line at 78.0749[degrees]).
If the solids are iron compounds (iron sulfides, iron carbonate, iron oxides, etc.) these particles and sub-micro particles will be pressed by the pig's disc and cups, at pipeline pressure, into any pipe wall anomalies and/or pitting which may interfere with the magna-flux readability of actual pipe wall metal loss areas, especially if those iron compounds are magnetite.
As a barrier to corrosion, protective films of iron carbonate can form on pipe and equipment surfaces.
Other scientists investigating the anomalous buildup of an iron carbonate mineral called siderite also fingered versatile bacteria as the cause.
Iron oxide, iron Direct chemical reaction of sulfide, iron carbonate transported fluid components with pipe (generically referred to alloy.
As a first step, Arrhenius and his group investigated the effectof ultraviolet light on two reaction systems, one consisting of iron sulfate dissolved in water saturated with carbon dioxide and the other a suspension of fine iron carbonate particles in water.