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Noun1.iron overload - pathology in which iron accumulates in the tissues; characterized by bronzed skin and enlarged liver and diabetes mellitus and abnormalities of the pancreas and the joints
pathology - any deviation from a healthy or normal condition
classic hemochromatosis, idiopathic hemochromatosis - inherited form of hemochromatosis
acquired hemochromatosis - hemochromatosis resulting from repeated transfusions or from excessive intake of foods containing iron
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DisperSol is initiating phase II trials of DST-0509, a formulation of the iron chelator, deferasirox, for the treatment of the rare disease, iron overload disorder.
* Hereditaryhemochromatosis (iron overload disorder)
Hemosiderosis is a form of iron overload disorder resulting in the accumulation of hemosiderin in different organs.
* When a hereditary iron overload disorder is diagnosed, all (first-degree) blood relatives must be screened for iron overload.
A prototypical example of the forthcoming primary public health role of molecular diagnostics is the identification of individuals affected by or at-risk for the iron overload disorder hereditary hemochromatosis.
In his new role, Jorgen will be able to critically contribute to the manufacturing efforts to progress Silence's three significant sets of assets in gene silencing siRNA: SLN124, for the treatment of iron overload disorders, SL360, for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, and SL500 with partner Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, for the treatment of complement-mediated disorders.'