Iron sand

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an iron ore in grains, usually the magnetic iron ore, formerly used to sand paper after writing.

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Tricor Minerals Pte produces, processes, and extracts iron sand. The plant is located in Singapore.
[USPRwire, Mon May 11 2015] New Zealand has a range of minerals that contribute to the construction, energy and transport sectors of its economy, such as coal, gold, silver, iron sand and other mineral resources.
[ClickPress, Tue Jan 20 2015] Indonesia has a wide range of key minerals, and produces significant quantities of coal, gold, bauxite, phosphates and iron sand, as well as the potential for the production of alluvial diamond.
The demands of economic competition have motivated many researches in the field of sand mold composition improvement affecting the quality of iron sand casting products.
Vanguard Mining, a Nevada corporation established in 1987, is currently building and developing a portfolio of mineral assets in Southeast Asia, including gold, copper, limestone, manganese and iron sand in Indonesia.
Other listed are Zambales Diversified Metals, CTP Construction and Mining, Berong Nickel, Eramen Minerals, Apex Mining, Philippine Mining Development, LNL Archipelago Minerals, Leyte Iron Sand Mining, SinoSteel Phils H.Y.
Minerals allowed to be exported are 15% for metal concentrate, 58% for iron sand concentrate, 99% for CGA, 70% for nickel matte, 10% for ferronickel, 4% for nickel pig iron and 93% for nickel metal.
Dr Crowe has 25 years' experience in geology and exploration with a broad background in iron ore exploration from interpretation and mapping of iron sand deposits in offshore New Zealand to integrated mapping, classification and targeting itabirite deposits in Liberia and Guinea.
Osco is a medium to high volume gray iron sand casting company with three plant locations.
Its coal-ore division deals in coking coals, iron ore, iron sand and gypsum.
NPC's investment casting process replaced the more costly ductile iron sand casting and the company was also able to complete tool construction, production and shipping of the castings in less than eight weeks.