Iron works

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I´ron works`

a.1.See under Iron, a.
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Suddenly a noise, like iron works violently pushed aside, came from the interior of the boat.
He was a member of the historic Vail family of Morristown, New Jersey, which had operated the Speedwell Iron Works for four or five generations.
His first place was at the Union Iron Works, in San Francisco, where he proved a most able draughtsman.
79--are wrought into the iron work of the balcony, and probably express the date of the edifice, with the initials of its founder's name.
AFS Corporate Member Oil City Iron Works (Corsicana, Texas) wants new employees to spend the rest of a successful career at the company.
This was a fact not lost upon William Horsfall, of the Mersey Steel and Iron Works.
According to plans filed with the city, developers want to renovate the Economy Iron Works property at 635 South Peters St.
Artefacts and photos from the excavation of Summerlee Iron Works are on display to give visitors a taste of Coatbridge's heritage.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 14, 2016-Metaldyne Performance Group to Close Recently-Acquired Brillion Iron Works Foundry
International Resource News-September 13, 2016--Metaldyne Performance Group plans to close Brillion Iron Works
Auto Business News-September 5, 2016--Metaldyne Performance acquires Brillion Iron Works