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n.1.One who, or that which, irons.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Occasionally an ironer lost the stride for an instant, gasped or sighed, then caught it up again with weary determination.
She flung wild glances, like those of an entrapped animal, up and down the big whitewashed room that panted with heat and that was thickly humid with the steam that sizzled from the damp cloth under the irons of the many ironers. From the girls and women near her, all swinging irons steadily but at high pace, came quick glances, and labor efficiency suffered to the extent of a score of suspended or inadequate movements.
The mountain of fancy starch had been demolished--all save the few remnants, here and there, on the boards, where the ironers still labored.
27 Porters 3 Coarse Washers and Ironers 44 Mules 1 Fine ditto 44 Muleteers 7 Cows 2 Milkers
The 42-year-old laundry room, according to its supervisor who has been with the hotel for 22 years, is equipped with three 250 kg washing machines, six tumble dryers, one drycleaning machine, one flatwork ironer for bed and food and beverage linens.
In September 1945, the company sold its Mount Clemens factory to the Ironrite Ironer Company and quietly faded into the pages of history.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: ergo; erigeron; erne; erring; fern; finer; finger; fire; firer; fore; foreign; FOREIGNER; forge; forger; free; freeing; freer; fringe; froe; frog; genre; girn; giro; goer; gofer; goner; gore; gorier; green; grief; grin; groin; ignore; ignorer; infer; inro; iron; ironer; noir; nori; ogre; orfe; reef; reefing; refer; refine; refiner; region; reign; rein; rife; rigor; ring; ringer; roger.
The company's latest line of products includes the flatwork dryer ironer with feeder, folders and stackers.
The unit houses the best and latest machines of the highest international standards that includes washing machines from Belgium, ironer line from Denmark, dry-cleaning and garment finishing machines from Italy, garment pressing and dryers from USA, identification systems from Netherlands and packing systems from Germany.
"In other words, washers, dryers, and the ironer should be sized to meet the needs of today's fabrics and other changes in processing that frequently occur." He recommends purchasing a small 30- to 40-lb capacity washer to take care of smaller, or short, loads.