Ironstone china

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a hard white pottery, first made in England during the 18th century.

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In Cypher's she belonged--in the bacon smoke, the cabbage perfume, the grand, Wagnerian chorus of hurled ironstone china and rattling casters.
A total of PS35 was paid for an 140-piece antique Mason's ironstone China dinner service, of China design while an Eungblut upright grand piano, in a walnut case, went for PS51.
"The 'Ironstone China', from its extreme hardness and durability is especially adapted, in its simpler styles of decoration, for services used in large steamship companies, hotels, clubs, colleges, and other places where hard usage has to be undergone; while in its more elaborate and rich style - and it is capable of the highest degree of finish - it is eminently fitted for families of the highest ranks.