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1. A construction worker who builds steel structures.
2. One who is employed in an ironworks.
3. One who makes iron articles.


1. (Commerce) a person who works in an ironworks
2. (Commerce) a person who makes articles of iron


(ˈaɪ ərnˌwɜr kər)

1. a worker in iron.
2. a person employed in an ironworks.
3. a person who works with structural steel.
i′ron•work`ing, n.
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Noun1.ironworker - a person who makes articles of ironironworker - a person who makes articles of iron
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
puddler - a worker who turns pig iron into wrought iron by puddling
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Whereupon the carpenters, structural ironworkers and teamsters walked out; and Billy, lacking train fare, spent the rest of the day in walking home.
The new wave of contributions includes: $30,400 from the Ironworkers Political Action League and $15,000 from the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers PAC.
Department of Labors Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has signed an alliance to promote employee safety and health with the North Central States District Council of Ironworkers, the Ironworkers District Council of St.
It manufactures industrial ironworkers, hydraulic accessory tools, ironworker tooling, punches and dies, and specialty tools, including the innovative, portable, hydraulic Edwards Strut Pro.
Jania, 43, has been a member of the Ironworkers Local Union 84 for 20 years and has been involved in a number of energy-related projects because he took the time to learn his craft, and learn it well.
All Saints' Father Glyn Holland said: "We are delighted that after several years since the loss of the war memorial we are now able to remember those ironworkers and managers from the area that worked at Gjers Mills, answered their country's call and sacrificed their lives during the First World War.
Pictured from left to right are graduates of the program: Timothy Rivera (Manhattan), journeyperson, Ornamental Ironworkers Local 580; Tevin Dyce (Bronx), 3rd year apprentice, Heat & Frost Insulators Local 12; Genesis Acevedo (Bronx), 4th year apprentice, Sheet Metal Workers Local 28; Vashawn Bond (Bronx), journeyperson, Construction and General Building Laborers Local 79; and Saudia Khan (Queens) 4th year apprentice, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 3.
The foundry was known as "La Maestranza"-derived from maestro, or teacher-as it was the training site for the first generations of ironworkers and technicians in Monterrey.
Merthyr's ironworkers and ironmasters were also exporting their skills.
8 million Pacific Northwest Ironworkers Federal Credit Union in Portland, Ore.
Kevin McKinnon, business agent for the Local 7 Iron Workers union, stopped by the diner with some other ironworkers to greet Mr.
When the skyscrapers of New York beckoned with dangerous but steady work, Mohawk ironworkers welcomed the challenge and frequently crossed back and forth over the border.