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n.1.A fantastic grimace or contortion of the body.
Smirks and irps and all affected humors.
- B. Jonson.
a.1.Making irps.
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The updated IRP will assess the previous planning direction presented in the 2015 IRP and reflect significant changes in the energy industry over the past three years, including flat to declining load growth, advances in the development of renewable and distributed energy resources, and the integration of those resources in the electric grid.
Helen NelFace Kingston The fact remains, whatever your opinion of him, the referral to the IRP is part of the process and we have to follow it.
IRP Medical is a US based contract manufacturing company that specializes in custom molding of silicone, organic rubber and polyisoprene elastomeric materials.
So far different industries from sugar, steel re-rolling, surgical, cutlery, fan, automotive vendor, HVACR, electric fittings, etc are availing research and development facilities under IRP, the sources said and added these services are provided on competitive basis, funded purely the recipients.
Noction IRP brings intelligence and optimization to the BGP mesh to significantly increase performance.
Evaluating the land's potential to ensure sustainable development in the right places and using the right practices are key to achieving this and the IRP report is a good first step in the direction.
5 million of its planned $107 million of capital investments in 2016 and 2017 through the proposed IRP with a separate charge on customers' bills effective Jan.
That is because the two lawyers in the IRP are apparently on retainer with the BSM (a fact that came out only after the report was finished and the tampering with the report started, as described below).
Ashraf stressed upon the importance of annual Invention to Innovation summits held consecutively in last four years jointly by PSF University of the Punjab and IRP.
IRP leader also criticized some of the members of the Tajik Academy of Sciences, who live at the expense of the taxpayers but do not do anything for the development of Tajik science.
He said: "I did inform the IRP if they were to recommend any pay increase for the council leader I would speak against any rise.
7 February 2013 - UK-based ISIS Property Trust Ltd (LON:IPT) and IRP Property Investments Ltd (LON:IRP) today announced they had agreed to combine their operations to create an enlarged entity with a market capitalisation of more than GBP130m (USD204.