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adv.1.Without regard to conditions; not taking circumstances into consideration.
Prosperity, considered absolutely and irrespectively, is better and more desirable than adversity.
- South.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This approach allows for the replacement of verbally referred situations by different actual realtime situations, with the same functional characteristics irrespectively of the sceneries being represented.
An interesting feature of the system studied is predominant localization of GNP in PA66 irrespectively of the mixing protocol.
And, irrespectively of ambient conditions, Polyviou does have a solid practice worthy of a bank.
This treaty gives India an advantage to build storage up to a limited capacity on rivers that flow into Pakistan but India has started a number of projects on the western rivers irrespectively to consider the size and capacity of water storages and creating hurdles for good relations.
We want to reassure the Nation that the Customs will not renege on its mandate irrespectively of its circumstances.
He said that the sports policy was based on the principal of equality and provided equal opportunities to all citizens irrespectively of their religion, race, gender, age, cast, creed and mental or physical condition.
It is not just that fatigue is dominantly present irrespectively of the type of malignant tumor, but it is also present as a side effect of all forms of medical treatment modalities, including bone marrow transplantation and stem cell treatment, hormonal and biological therapy and not just radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
"The beauty of it is that the system will be reset irrespectively of the stimulus that initiated it," said Manuela Baccarini.
Is his/her autonomy violated if treatment is carried out irrespectively?
Standardized terminologies could be used in any place, irrespectively of the foods available and eating habits of each population, since the definitions proposed are for food consistencies, and not for foods themselves, which should be selected by those involved in patients' nutrition and hydration care.
He warned the cheating mafia that Sindh government was committed to eradicate cheating culture and all officers concerned and vigilance teams would pay surprise visits to the examination centres and would take action against those who were found involved in cheating irrespectively .