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Immodest speech, or irreverend gesture.
- Strype.
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her big eyes, goggling and flaming-red as we may suppose those of a salamander; her matted grisly hair, made irreverend by her wickedness [her clouted head-dress being half off] spread about her fat ears and brawny neck" [1388]).
I am more comfortable being called George, the Irreverend.
David is of course not the first member of the House of Bishops to do the Sleep-Out and certain irreverend parties are now bragging that they have slept with two bishops
It is an expression solely of the rising furious indignation of this one sole cat--me--the Irreverend Robert Gardner.
Edgar criticizes his nineteenth-century ancestors on the grounds that "You were an irreverend, exacting race in your day; you expected more from the preacher than from any other person to whom they gave salaries--they were screwed down to the last thread of the screw; people would have their pennyworth out of them" (95).