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v. ir·ri·gat·ed, ir·ri·gat·ing, ir·ri·gates
1. To supply (land or crops) with water by means of pipes, sprinklers, ditches, or streams.
2. To wash out (a body cavity or wound) with water or a medicated fluid.
To irrigate land or crops.

[Latin irrigāre, irrigāt- : in-, in; see in-2 + rigāre, to water.]

ir′ri·ga′tion n.
ir′ri·ga′tion·al adj.
ir′ri·ga′tor n.
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Noun1.irrigation - supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etcirrigation - supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etc
supplying, provision, supply - the activity of supplying or providing something
2.irrigation - (medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution
eyedrop, eye-drop - a method of irrigating the eye used by ophthalmologists
medical aid, medical care - professional treatment for illness or injury
douche - irrigation with a jet of water or medicated solution into or around a body part (especially the vagina) to treat infections or cleanse from odorous contents
clyster, enema - an injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation; sometimes used for diagnostic purposes
lavage - washing out a hollow organ (especially the stomach) by flushing with water
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
سقيسَقْي، رَي
áveita, vökvun


A. N (Agr) → irrigación f, riego m (Med) → irrigación f
B. CPD irrigation channel Nacequia f, canal m de riego


[ˌɪrɪˈgeɪʃən] nirrigation f irrigation systemirrigation ditch nfossé m d'irrigationirrigation system nsystème m d'irrigation


(Agr) → Bewässerung f; irrigation canalBewässerungskanal m
(Med) → Spülung f, → Irrigation f; colonic irrigationDarmspülung f


[ˌɪrɪˈgeɪʃn] nirrigazione f


(ˈirigeit) verb
to supply water to (land), especially by canals or other artificial means.
ˌirriˈgation noun


n. irrigación, acto o proceso de irrigar.


n irrigación f; colonic — hidroterapia de colon
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Technological Interventions in Management of Irrigated Agriculture
HYDERABAD -- Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project (SIAPEP) Has Launched different components' which would be used in Agriculture to make Sindh srong in context of Economy and the Agriculture.
Irrigation, he pointed out, is also an essential element for the vitality of rural areas, and thus, where there is irrigated agriculture, there is a young rural population, there is an agri-food industry and there is employment.
Here is a good example of the fact that if the people of Samburu engaged in irrigated agriculture, they can become food-secure and prosperous.
NEW DELHI: The World Bank and the Indian government signed a $318 million loan agreement for the Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Project.
The experts of USAID, Sindh Agriculture Growth Project, Sindh Abadagar Board, Sindh Horticulture Research Institute, Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, National Foods Pvt Ltd, Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project gave elaborate presentations to highlight chilli related issues and shared counter-measures to salvage the crops.
In fact, where homes replace irrigated agriculture, total water use goes down, they found, because the new homes use less water than the displaced farms.
ISLAMABAD -- In a significant development towards economic development and social uplift through irrigated agriculture in Dera Bugti / Balochistan, the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has completed construction of Phase-I of Kachhi Canal Project.
Lahore -- The water infrastructure and irrigated agriculture in Balochistan will achieve a landmark next month as Kachhi Canal Project will be complete in August this year.
The total of six land use classes were digitally developed including forest cover, irrigated agriculture land, rm-irrigated agriculture land, rangeland, bare soil and rocks outcrops, water bodies and snow cover.
al Mullas project is theApplication of Near-Real Time Monitoring Systems for Irrigated Agriculture in the MENA region,which is funded by USAID in the water within the framework of outstanding water research centers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
Sindh government has impelled Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project (SIAPEP) with help of the World Bank.