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n.1.(Scots Law) The state or quality of being null and void; invalidity; forfeiture.
1.The state or quality of being irritant or irritating.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The materials include monomers and oligomers, and are designed to impart low viscosity, good pigment wetting, low odor, excellent stability, excellent heat stability, high Tg and low skin irritancy.
Examples are cosmetics for specific target consumers groups (babies, sensitive skin, etc.), the presence of certain substances that increase skin penetration and/or skin irritancy (penetration enhancers, organic solvents, acidic components, etc.), the presence of a chemical reaction between individual substances rendering the formation of a new substance of toxicological significance highly probable, the presence of a specific galenic form (liposomes and other vesicular forms, etc.), when the potential toxicity of a particular substance is claimed to be decreased, etc.
A 2009 toxicological analysis of Vimang, which has been formulated into tablets, creams, capsules, syrup, vaginal oval, and suppositories for various applications, revealed via irritant tests conducted on rabbits that the topical formulation was not irritating to the skin, generally, with minimal irritancy noted after vaginal application.
Development and intralaboratory evaluation of an in vitro human cell-based test to aid ocular irritancy assessments.
Fluridil, approved by the Czech Health Agency and marketed as Eucapil, showed no systemic absorption, irritancy or allergenicity in human trials, noted Dr.
The Ocular Irritancy module of the TOPKAT package comprises 15 QSARs and the data from which these models are derived.
Many sulfate-free surfactants exist but can be difficult to formulate with and tend to suffer drawbacks such as poor foaming, unwanted by-products, non-natural hydrophobe sources, ethylene oxide (EO) moieties present, pH instability and undesirable irritancy profiles.
Standard Test Method for Estimating Sensory Irritancy of Airborne Chemicals.
The Irritection Assay System (ocular & dermal irritancy applications), Corrositex (determination of non-corrosive as well as corrosive with Packing Group assignment); and Consultation using our proprietary data base for either technology.
The localization threshold so derived is taken as an indication of the lowest concentration at which the subject can reliably perceive the irritancy of a test compound.
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