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n.1.(Scots Law) The state or quality of being null and void; invalidity; forfeiture.
1.The state or quality of being irritant or irritating.
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These agents were developed through efforts to reduce detergent irritancy.
Dunnick observed that shampoos are a common source of contact dermatitis and that alkyl glucosides and mild surfactants, which generally have low irritancy, are frequent culprits as well.
Skin irritancy, along with cytotoxicity and sensitization testing, is one of three ISO 10993 biocompatibility tests recommended for all medical devices, and the Draize rabbit skin irritation test has been widely used throughout the world to screen medical device materials, components, and products.
A toxicant that causes excitation or irritancy might reduce bottle resting time, thus reducing total uptake.
It is believed that this could be applied to the discovery of new treatments for respiratory disease without respiratory tract irritancy as a side effect.
As per the questionnaire it was clear that the patients preferred rubber material than the plastic syringe because of its less irritancy.
A Probability Model of Vector Behavior: Effects of DDT Repellency, Irritancy, and Toxicity in Malaria Control, 25 J.
These products also help achieve additional benefits such as skin moisturization and irritancy mitigation, resulting in better consumer perception and more attractive claims.
According to the company, the polymers deliver exceptional foaming and sensory that will delight consumers and interact with surfactant to reduce skin irritancy and promotes a mild, smooth sensory profile.
5% as a fixed-dose combination gel is as well tolerated as the individual components alone in terms of cumulative irritancy.