Isaac Mayer Wise

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Noun1.Isaac Mayer Wise - United States religious leader (born in Bohemia) who united reform Jewish organizations in the United States (1819-1900)
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Adolph Ochs, the original member of the Ochs Sulzberger clan, married Effie Wise, the daughter of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, a leading American Reform Jewish scholar who founded the movement's rabbinical school, the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, as well as The American Israelite newspaper (Ed: Israel News Faxx editor was an award-winning reporter at that newspaper from 1987-1991).
4) The collection of demographic data was a significant practice undertaken by Isaac Leeser, Isaac Mayer Wise, and others, and yet it has been ignored by scholars, who tend to be more interested in their spirited debates about religious reform.
Between 1857 and 1859, she became a protege of Isaac Mayer Wise, the leader of American Reform Judaism and a charismatic public figure in his own right.
In contrast, Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise argued that Grant's Orders #11 could not be overlooked.
Reform leaders such as the long-lived German-born Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, and such educational institutions as Hebrew Union College, founded in 1883, and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, organized ten years earlier, showed the shaping influence of German Jews in the United States.
Isaac Mayer Wise, who participated in the meeting, wrote a widely circulated account of what transpired.
There are groundbreaking studies of at least fifty subjects, including the Qur'an and its commentators, Rabbis Isaac Mayer Wise and Naftali Tzvi Yehudah Berlin, Russian Orthodox theologians like Pavel Svetlov, and even modern geocentrists like Gerardus Dingeman Bouw.
In any forthcoming revision it would be helpful to include significant American involvement with the dialogue: Isaac Mayer Wise, the founder of Reform Judaism in the U.
Between the 1870s and the 1920s, liberal rabbis Isaac Mayer Wise and then Stephen S.
The book should be consulted by all who want an accurate yet concise understanding of the evolution of the institutions and beliefs of Reform Judaism in this country from the days of Isaac Mayer Wise and David Einhorn through the current moment.
Along with displays showcasing Jewish luminaries such as actress Molly Picon, baseball great Hank Greenberg, pants merchant Levi Strauss and Reform Jewish leader Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, are trinkets, clothing and other precious items brought in trunks and knapsacks to this country by Jewish immigrants from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.