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Noun1.Izaak Walton - English writer remember for his treatise on fishing (1593-1683)Izaak Walton - English writer remember for his treatise on fishing (1593-1683)
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The 220 houses are being built along the Meru-Embu highway, opposite Isaak Walton Inn.
But as they try to reason it out, the lost fish always seems to increase in size, proving unfortunately that they are not true disciples of Isaak Walton, who in his book described all anglers as "honest men".
This 17th century hotel takes its name from Isaak Walton's famous book on angling.
John Stubbs begins with a claim that places him in a line of descent from Donne's first biographer, Isaak Walton: 'His biography is worth studying not only because he was a splendid writer, but also because he was a brave and principled man' (p .xxv).
Howard Baker (R-Tenn.)--and support from varied groups including the League of Women Voters and the sportsmen's Isaak Walton League--Muskie's subcommittee produced a series of major environmental laws in the early 1970s, including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act.
Isaak Walton, the 17th-century author of The Compleat Angler, continues to inspire a loyal following at home and abroad and his former house, tucked away in the village of Shallowford in central England, has become an unassuming Mecca.