Isabella Stewart Gardner

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Noun1.Isabella Stewart Gardner - United States collector and patron of art who built a museum in Boston to house her collection and opened it to the public in 1903 (1840-1924)
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These dealers in turn influenced collectors such as Isabella Stewart Gardner (discussed by Wright elsewhere).
Isabella Stewart Gardner stands as a model for taking creative risks in life.
This color art book accompanies a 2018 exhibit at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
4, 1997 file photo, Sister Wendy Beckett, a Roman Catholic nun of the Sisters of Notre Dame, who lives in Colinton, England, and is a well-known art critic, stands near an unidentified sarcophagus at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
Last Seen is a true-crime podcast about the most valuable -- and confounding -- art heist in history: the theft of 13 irreplaceable artworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
At the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 13 priceless pieces, worth around $300 million, were taken.
Federal prosecutors have said they believe Gentile has information about the still-unsolved 1990 heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
He served as the director of the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Peranakan Museum in Singapore for six years, but he was well known regionally from his work as a curator at Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum from 1999-2010.
Two thieves posing as police officers responding to an emergency entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum early in the morning March 18, 1990.
The book, like the exhibition, is arranged thematically, divided between three host institutions: 'Manuscripts from Church and Cloister' (Harvard University, Houghton Library), 'Manuscripts for Pleasure and Piety' (Boston College, McMullen Museum of Art), and 'Italian Renaissance Books' (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum).