Isabella Stewart Gardner

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Noun1.Isabella Stewart Gardner - United States collector and patron of art who built a museum in Boston to house her collection and opened it to the public in 1903 (1840-1924)
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Federal prosecutors have said they believe Gentile has information about the still-unsolved 1990 heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
Isabella Stewart Gardner acquired Fra Angelico's Dormition and Assumption of the Virgin (pictured) in 1899.
In 1899, Isabella Stewart Gardner acquired one of the four reliquaries: the mesmerizing "Dormition and Assumption of the Virgin.
Two thieves posing as police officers responding to an emergency entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum early in the morning March 18, 1990.
They were exhibited in Baltimore in 2014 and Henderson has used his Japanese techniques on several professional projects in the United States, including the Gardens of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
For culture vultures, there's the Museum of Fine Arts housing masterpieces from Manet to Monet, the waterside ICA offering edgy, contemporary art, and the curious Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, donated to the city by a local heiress on condition nothing could be changed.
They examine the historiography of dress history, then the dress of transported convicts and emancipists in 19th-century Tasmania; the dress of Afro-Brazilian slaves and their descendants in 18th and 19th-century Brazil; the sungudi sari textile in present-day India; Limerick gloves in the late 18th and early 19th centuries; garments that once belonged to a 19th-century Ethiopian queen; ordinary British women's clothing choices in the present day; the role of dress for housewives in 1950s and 1960s rural England; dress at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; London couturier Norman Hartnell; dress and textiles made by Raymond Duncan; 19th-century ideals of dress reform; and the contested status of fashion for British second-wave feminists.
The agency is still working to determine who stole $500 million worth of art from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in a 1990 theft that stands as the largest art heist in US history.
After graduation he travelled to Europe, funded by several benefactors including a Bostonian socialite and collector, Isabella Stewart Gardner (1840-1924).
But 25 years later, the theft of 13 works from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum remains unsolved.
The buzzer blared from the door of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
His great-aunt Isabella Stewart Gardner, who died in 1924, a year before his birth, amassed in her lifetime an extraordinary collection of paintings, sculpture, furniture, and textiles that she displayed for the citizens of Boston in a lavish Venetian palazzo built adjacent to an Olmsted-designed park on the Fen way.