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Noun1.Isak Dinesen - Danish writer who lived in Kenya for 19 years and is remembered for her writings about Africa (1885-1962)Isak Dinesen - Danish writer who lived in Kenya for 19 years and is remembered for her writings about Africa (1885-1962)
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Pienso en esos raros y preciosos autores para quienes la imaginacion se da por decirlo asi hacia atras en el tiempo; me acuerdo, claro, del Vathek de Beckford, y sobre todo de los relatos de Karen Blixen, que tambien fue Isak Dinesen como para insinuar con el doble nombre esa metempsicosis al reves, esa reinstalacion tan natural y perfecta en un tiempo dejado atras por la historia y por la literatura--su reflejo, su vitral.
A Imak Kahn B Iqbal Hussein C Isak Jahnesenn D Isak Dinesen 13.
I only wish I could be as upbeat as storyteller Isak Dinesen (Danish author Karen Blixen) and say in a throaty, confident voice : 'I had a farm in Batangas,' and forthwith regale readers with tales of romance amid the fragrant coffee blossoms.
The film is based loosely on the autobiographical book Out of Africa written by Isak Dinesen, which was published in 1937, with additional material from Dinesen's book Shadows on the Grass and other sources.
Ernest Hemingway and Karen Blixen, better known as Isak Dinesen in the English-speaking world, never met, but they knew of one another.
Beryl tells her story, one of hard-won freedom and costs--including her friendship with writer Karen Blixen (the pen name of Isak Dinesen, author of Out of Africa) and her affair with Blixen's lover, safari hunter Denys Fitch Hatton; her multiple lovers and marriages; her immersion in the bohemian expat community; and her own personal tragedies--from an altitude of 1,800 feet.
Instead, the novel concentrates on dramatizing Markham's most important relationships: her complex lifelong friendship with a Kenyan man named Ruta, the circumstances of her three unsatisfying marriages; and her emotionally fraught affair with the love of her life, pilot and hunting guide Denys Finch Hatton, who was at the same time in a relationship with her friend Karen Blixen, author of the memoir Out of Africa under the pseudonym Isak Dinesen.
un libro integrado por 16 relatos sobre mujeres escritoras, como Anna Ajmatova, Hannah Arendt, Katherine Mansfield, Marguerite Duras, Virginia Woolf, Colette, Marguerite Yourcenar, Dorothy Perker, Anna Freud, Isak Dinesen, Jane Bowles, Carson McCullers, Linda Campbell (personaje creado por la autora) y Anne Sexton.
After Out of Africa, Isak Dinesen published Daguerreotypes.
To quote Isak Dinesen, in her great book Out of Africa, "It was during those long days that we were all merged into a unity, so that on another planet we shall recognize each other.
Amid citations of authors such as Sigmund Freud, Walter Benjamin, and Isak Dinesen, she ruminates over the photographs she rook of her sisters more than thirty years earlier, the ones from which the prints displayed in the next room were chosen.
Many authors, like Conrad, Mann, Faulkner, O'Connor, and Anthony Burgess, criticize culture through an exploration of social mythology; a few, like Isak Dinesen and Italo Calvino, combine the magicality of tales with high modernist and post-modern pastiche.