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Noun1.Isamu Noguchi - United States sculptor (1904-1988)Isamu Noguchi - United States sculptor (1904-1988)  
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Besides Balanchine's, she clothed many ballets for Michel Fokine, Leonide Massine, Frederick Ashton, Agnes de Mille, and Jerome Robbins, and reproduced in three dimensions the designs of some of the great artists of her time: Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Pavel Tchelitchew, Giorgio de Chirico, Isamu Noguchi, Andre Derain, Balthus, Christian Berard, Leon Bakst, Cecil Beaton, Joan Miro, and Robert Rauschenberg.
The Isamu Noguchi Museum is located in temporary space on the floor of the same building while it renovates its own permanent space.
5 to Exile Francine Clark Art Institute WASHINGTON, DC Isamu Noguchi Hirschhorn Museum through May 8 and Sculpture Garden Modigliani: Beyond the Myth Phillips Collection through May 29 Cotton Puffs, Q-Tips[R], National Gallery of through May 30 Smoke and Mirrors: The Art Drawings of Ed Ruscha ATLANTA Design [not equal to] Art: Museum of Design through July 9 Functional Objects from Donald Judd to Rachel Whiteread MIAMI The Last Picture Show: Miami Art Central through June 12 Artists Using Photography, 1960-1982 CINCINNATI SlideShow Contemporary Arts July 2-Sept.
What would Martha Graham and Isamu Noguchi have thought?
This balance was thrown off when designers other than Isamu Noguchi handled the decor, when couturiers like Halston took over Graham's own costuming tasks, especially for the men, and when the dramatic instincts of the soloists were overshadowed by their concern for virtuosity.
Night Journey, like Embattled Garden, uses a wonderfully imaginative landscape designed by the sculptor Isamu Noguchi.
The project began in 1998: Martha Graham's work with Isamu Noguchi inspired Burgess to invite sculptor John Dreyfuss to collaborate.
Like Wilcox, Dave Muller makes unlikely bedfellows of far-flung personae, from Little Stevie Wonder to Isamu Noguchi.
In this context it was practically impossible to evaluate the impact of seminal figures such as John Cage, Isamu Noguchi, James Lee Byars (grouped together in a gallery of so-called pioneers, with a few, hardly representative works), and Agnes Martin on subsequent generations.
Protas also demanded the return of property including costumes by fashion designer Halston and sets by sculptor Isamu Noguchi.
With a penchant for the unexpected and an unerring eye for quality, View mixed fiction and poetry with features on Max Ernst, Tchelitchew, Man Ray, Fernand Leger, and Isamu Noguchi, all of whose commissions graced its covers.
In addition to making ballets that were frequently centered upon Americana subjects, Page was one of the Great White Way's go-to dancemakers, and could count Aaron Copland, Isamu Noguchi, Katherine Dunham and Rudolf Nureyev amongst her collaborators and colleagues.