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Noun1.Isamu Noguchi - United States sculptor (1904-1988)Isamu Noguchi - United States sculptor (1904-1988)  
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As a young architect, he broke ranks with the great modernists with his radical idea of the "Joy of Space." As an engineer, he created the strength behind the beauty in mid-century modern skyscrapers, churches, museums, and he gave concrete form to the eccentric monumental sculptures of Pablo Picasso, Isamu Noguchi, and Jean Dubuffet.
Her current show, simply titled 'Alabaster' (until 15 December), combines ancient Egyptian and South Arabian sculpture with works by modern and contemporary masters such as Eduardo Chillida, Anish Kapoor, Henry Moore and Isamu Noguchi. 'It is, in a nutshell, your perfect crossover,' she says.
Also this year, the Noguchi Museum is partnering again with Oui Design, through a duo exhibition showcasing Isamu Noguchi's Akari light sculptures, along with a selection of 26 Akari-inspired lamp designs created under the leadership of Valerie Maltaverne's Ymer&Malta studio.
A prolific choreographer renowned for her versatility, she told us, "I cannot 'feel' a role until I have worked it out on myself." In addition to making ballets that were frequently centered upon Americana subjects, Page was one of the Great White Way's go-to dancemakers, and could count Aaron Copland, Isamu Noguchi, Katherine Dunham and Rudolf Nureyev amongst her collaborators and colleagues.
The property also serves as JG Neukomm's own museum, as public sculptures by Isamu Noguchi, Jeanne Dubuffet, and Mark di Suvero are all within view.
for the sculptor and landscape architect, Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988)
In this context, the cruciform scoring of Frank Stella's Arbeit Macht Frei, 1958, suggests an architecture of totalitarian control, while Isamu Noguchi's Memorial to Man wallpaper, 1947--an embossed face in a vast expanse of whiteness--seems almost uncannily eerie, ghostly, deathly.
Paul Friedberg, Group Ludic (Xavier de la Salle, Simon Koszel, David Roditi), Alfred Ledermann and Alfred Trachsel, Palle Nielsen, Egon M0ller-Nielsen, Isamu Noguchi, Joseph Schagerl, Mitsuru Senda and Carl Theodor S0rensen.
Hannah Mazzuto introduces her students to the Abstract Expressionist movement and artist Isamu Noguchi in "Abstract Expressionist Foam Sculptures" (page 14), where they develop a deeper understanding of creating 3-D forms, consider the relation between positive and negative space, and experiment with the subtractive process of sculpture.