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 (ăsh′dŏd′, äsh-dōd′)
A city of southwest Israel on the Mediterranean Sea west of Jerusalem near the site of ancient Ashdod, an important Philistine city-state that was settled as early as the Bronze Age.
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(Placename) a town in central Israel, on the Mediterranean coast: an important city in the Philistine Empire, with its artificial harbour (1961) it is now a major port. Pop: 192 000 (2003 est)
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(ˈæʃ dɒd)

a town in W Israel. 128,400.
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Geminate roots conjugate regularly in Akkadian (e.g., isdud 'pull') and Ethiopic (e.g., yzgsas 'touch'), but show metathesis in Central Semitic, *yasbub-u > *yasubb-u, where R2 and R3 cluster, rather than Rl and R2 (e.g., Arabic yaruddu 'reply').
The four detained fishermen were taken to the Port of Isdud (Ashdod) near Gaza.
The four planes dropped 70 kilogram bombs on the Egyptian force near what was then the Arab village of Isdud, and attacked them with gunfire.
Jadallah was born in 1939 in the Palestinian village of Isdud, in an area that is now part of the Israeli port city of Ashdod.
Every few days, he hauled the best of what he made into the Isdud and sometimes al-Majdal markets hoping for few extra Palestinians dinars to supplement his meagre income.
Here is a response my friend Fady Joudah, the poet, wrote after I sent him a photo graph of Isdud, his father's village: The daisy flock in the photo reminds me of a linefrom Palestinian poet-laureate Mahmoud Darwish that he wrote for his father.
The ship was then taken over, after a gun was held to the throat of the captain, and the hundreds of passengers, kidnapped on the high seas, taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod (built on the ruins of the ethnically cleansed and destroyed Palestinian village of Isdud.
Isdud, a farming community to the north of Gaza's current border
In Isdud and Khirbet Khisas, the IDF ordered inhabitants who had not already fled to leave.
he takes us on a trip to Ashdod in West Jerusalem, which once was Isdud, home of three out of four of the 496 families in Canada Camp.