Isere River

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Noun1.Isere River - a river in southeastern FranceIsere River - a river in southeastern France; a tributary of the Rhone
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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Grenoble is a wonderful town, a broad, low, sprawling sort of place, arranged around a bend on the Isere river, with the stunning backdrop of the Alps only a few miles away.
Her body was found floating in the Isere River in the resort of Val d'Isere.
French police believe the final call may have been made as she lay close to death in the Isere river, having slipped down a 30ft bank.
There you can explore the prehistoric Grottes de Thais caves before wending your way down the Isere river on a Mississippistyle paddle steamer to la Sone where the Jardin des Fontaines Petrifiantes (or gardens of the petrifying fountains) are well worth a visit.