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 (ĭ-so͞olt′) also I·sol·de (ĭ-sōl′də, ĭ-zōl′-)
In Arthurian legend, an Irish princess who married the king of Cornwall and had a love affair with his knight Tristan.
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(ɪˈsuːlt) or




(in Arthurian legend) n
1. (European Myth & Legend) an Irish princess wed to Mark, king of Cornwall, but in love with his knight Tristan
2. (European Myth & Legend) (in another account) the daughter of the king of Brittany, married to Tristan
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or Y•seult


a heroine of Arthurian legend, the wife of King Mark of Cornwall and the lover of Tristram.
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Noun1.Iseult - (Middle Ages) the bride of the king of Cornwall who (according to legend) fell in love with the king's nephew (Tristan) after they mistakenly drank a love potion that left them eternally in love with each other
legend, fable - a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events
Dark Ages, Middle Ages - the period of history between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance
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We know some of their names: Tibors, Countess of Dia, Almucs de Castelnau, Iseut de Capio, Azalais de Porcairages, Maria de Ventadorn, Alamanda, Garsenda, Isabella, Lombarda, Castelloza, Clara d'Anduza, Bieris de Romans, Guillelma de Rosers, Domna H., Alais, Iselda, and Carenza.
(14) See Curtis 1985, 3, 871 for Tristan's initial mad scene, after he has come to imagine Iseut has betrayed him.
Cellist Iseut Chuat and flautist Jacques Zoon (partners in life as well as music) had their two young children with them.
On one hand, it is astonishing that the usually unembellished prose of Beauvoir has dipped, even briefly, into the faint, romantic strains of Tristan and Iseut ('Ainsi estil de nous: ni vous sans moi ni moi sans vous").
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The prevarications invented by Beroul's Tristan and Iseut to disguise their love affair have elicited much critical attention over the years.
It will be recalled that jealousy, a lust for unlimited control, and a sense of inadequacy also motivate King Mark in the Tristan legend--as Iseut and Tristan himself learn to their great sorrow (Beroul, w.