Ishikari Bay

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I·shi·ka·ri Bay

An inlet of the Sea of Japan on the western coast of Hokkaido, Japan. The Ishikari River, about 445 km (275 mi) long, flows generally southwest from the mountainous interior of the island into the bay.
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Tobetsu, which is in the Ishikari district near Sapporo, gets a lot of snow, much of it brought by strong winds blowing through gaps between mountains stretching near Ishikari Bay. The town has a reputation for being bitterly cold.
Six crew members of a South Korean-registered cargo ship died after strong winds and high waves shoved the vessel at anchor into a breakwater at Ishikari Bay port off Otaru, western Hokkaido, early Saturday morning, local rescue authorities said.
The Japan Coast Guard said the ship had been anchored offshore at Ishikari Bay port since Friday night.