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also Is·kŭr  (ĭs′kər)
A river of western Bulgaria rising in the Rhodope Mountains and flowing about 400 km (250 mi) generally north and northeast to the Danube River.
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The reason - the district governor of Sofia-district Ilian Todorov is responsible for one of the most dangerous dams - Beli Iskar, and only the repair of his wall would cost BGN 80 million.
Plevneliev was speaking at a news conference jointly with Environment Minister Nona Kara-djova near the Iskar Dam.
Trumpet player Jerry Sabatini recently likened his work in the Sonic Explorers quintet, Iskar quartet and Roving Soul trio to tending a garden.
The 54 million loan, to Vez Svoghe, will help in the construction of nine small hydro power plants along the river Iskar.
druzhba 1", iskar river; was built in 1979 and is located on three streets - stoyan stoyanov street in the southwest, chudomir toplodolski street in the east and tirana street to the northeast.
In the villages of Iskar gorge, the price of one cubic meter of water is 1.
The construction of the Sreden Iskar hydro power station project is in line with Bulgaria's commitments to the European Commission to increase its share of renewable energy generation to 16 per cent by 2020.
Tenders are invited for Selection of contractor for maintenance of forestry and agricultural equipment and attachment for the needs of TPP Iskar including: Delivery by purchase of spare parts for forest and agricultural machinery.
Heavier trucks should use the bypass route through the Iskar Gorge.
The journey took us from Sofia to the town of Kalofer, following a mountain road running parallel to the River Iskar and the Iskar gorge, a trip which, in itself, deserves an article.
Until the restoration of the traffic through the Petrohan Pass, the bypass route is through the Iskar Gorge.
Tenders are invited for "Pumping and transportation to a collector approved and authorized by Sofiyska Voda AD in Novi Iskar Quarter or alternative collector of a waste leach facility generated by the operation of the Kostinbrod Regional Depot upon an emergency request by the operator of the landfill"