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 (ĭs-kĕn′də-ro͞on′, -kĕn′dĕ-ro͞on′) Formerly Al·ex·an·dret·ta (ăl′ĭg-zăn-drĕt′ə)
A city of southern Turkey on an inlet of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Founded by Alexander the Great to celebrate his victory over the Persians in 333 bc, it is one of Turkey's chief ports.


(Placename) a port in S Turkey, on the Gulf of Iskenderun. Pop: 161 000 (2005 est). Former name: Alexandretta


(ɪsˈkɛn dəˌrun)

1. Formerly, Alexandretta. a seaport in S Turkey, on the Gulf of Iskenderun. 156,800.
2. Gulf of, an inlet of the Mediterranean, off the S coast of Turkey.
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port of Iskenderun, to ensure they were not contaminated with chemical or
Huseyin Celik, deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party, suggested the Iskenderun raid and the flotilla incident were connected.
Six Turkish soldiers have been killed in a rocket attack on a navy base in the southern city of Iskenderun, local media has reported.
Other protests were held in Antioch, Iskenderun, Samandag, Ankara, Izmir, Mersin and Tunceli.
Under the deal, signed during the reign of Egypt' Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, who was toppled in July 2013, Turkish products destined for Gulf and other foreign markets would be transported from its Mediterranean port of Iskenderun to a number of Egyptian ports.
Earlier today, hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Samandag village in Iskenderun to condemn the US and the Turkish government's support for the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group.
Diplomatic officials said that coast guard teams and customs officials examined records of the ship which was awaiting off Turkish port of Iskenderun and found out that on January 12, the ship unloaded 59,422 tons of "hazardous material" to Tartus.
Following "coordinated efforts by the authorities", the owners of the ship decided to change the destination of the cargo to Iskenderun in Turkey, lying north-east of Cyprus from its easternmost tip.
Contract Awarded for Iskenderun Naval Base Command Determination of 1963-Logistics-Kar-012 Album of the Numbered Derya Housing Structural Safety Project Services Procurement.
On a relevant note, similar protests denouncing the support provided by Erdogan and his government to terrorists were also held in Antioch, Iskenderun, Samandag, Ankara, Izmir, Mersin, Tunceli.
The ship carried the oil from the (Turkish) ports of Iskenderun and Mersin," Aydinlik said.
The captain said the ship was heading for the Turkish port of Iskenderun near the Syrian border, the agency reported.