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also Is·kŭr  (ĭs′kər)
A river of western Bulgaria rising in the Rhodope Mountains and flowing about 400 km (250 mi) generally north and northeast to the Danube River.
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Separately, it has said Turkey's employment agency (ISKUR) had found jobs for 571,266 people in first five months of this year.
In January-March 2019, 789 Turkish citizens visited Russia to find jobs through the Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR), which is 42.2 percent more compared to the same period of 2018, ISKUR toldTrendon April 18.
Second part of the program was composed of speakers form the Turkish Public Employment Agency (ISKUR) and the Social Security Institution (SGK) who gave presentations on the role of intermediaries in securing employment in Turkey and the regulations that these intermediaries should abide by as well as information on what is required from foreign workers to be able to live and work in Turkey and be fully compliant of Turkey's regulations under its social security system.
(Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original study on ISKUR's website .)
The European Union, the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Turkish Employment Agency ISKUR are supporting the programme with EU38 million for credit enhancement, advice to small businesses and technical assistance for partner banks.
HE Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Dr Abdullah Saleh Mubarak al-Khulaifi met the visiting technical delegation of the Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) in Doha yesterday.
In 2011, another 53,800 mostly temporary labor migrants were officially recorded by the Turkish Employment Office (ISKUR).
(28) [1] a-na be-li-ia [2] qi-bi-ma [3] um-ma ia-qi-im-d ISKUR [4] IR-ka-a-ma [5] i-nu!-ma i-na ma-riki wa-[as-b]a-ku [6] IGI be-li-ia a-za-am-nu-t[a] ki-a-am [7] iq-bi um-ma-a-mi s[u-g]a-gu-ut [8] BADki-ia-az-du-li-im {x} [9] u-ul eep-pe {x} es15 [10] du-pu-ra-ku sa sa-ka-nim li-[i]s-ku-nu (...) [17] a-lum BADki-ia-az-du-li-im [n]a-di [18] i-na-anna [1] {x} a-za-am-nu-ta [19] be-li li-na-az-zi-id-ma [20] a-na BADki-ia-aO-du-li-im [21] li-it-ta-al-kam sum-ma aza-am-nu-[t]a [22] la i-ma-ga-ar 1 LU tak-lam [23] sa BADki-ia-az-du-li-im u-sa-al-la-mu [24] be-li li-wa-e-ra-as su-ma [25] li-iz-ru-da-as-su = LAPO 16 82, cuya traduccion seguimos.
Across: 1/27 Wind power 4 Topography 9 Okavango 10 Agouti 11 Oran 12 Indri 13 Nice 15 Sarong 17/29 Volcanic ash 19 Porthole 23 Aims 25 Kerry 26 Pope 28 Savoie 30 Shallows 31 Whale shark 32 Sark Down: 2 Iskur 3 Devonport 4 Tenzing 5 Plovdiv 6 Glacial 7 Acorn 8/22A Hot spring 14 Cairn 16 Atoll 18 Acropolis 20 Orkneys 21 Eurasia 22 Skyjack 24 Shoal
9.Aksa Elektrik Perakende Satis (Subsidiary of Aksa Enerji) DICLE Elektrik DisCo (provides electricity in the eastern provinces of Diyarbakir, Siirt, Batman, Mardin, Sanliurfa and Sirnak) 1.Limak Insaat 2.Calik Enerji 3.Mes - Iskur JV 4.Fenerji- Fina Limancilik JV 5.Fernas Insaat 6.Iskaya Dogu JV VANGOLU (provides electricity in the eastern provinces of Bitlis, Hakkari, Mus, Van).
Celik said Employment Agency, or ISKUR, would take a giant step forward to become a contemporary public employment agency as labor and vocational advisers were employed.
"The treatment of sewage to remove nitrogen and phosphorus before the wastewater is discharged into the river will guarantee the conservation of biodiversity not only in Iskur River, but the Danube River as well, which makes the Koubratovo project of international importance," Iteva said.