Isabela Island

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Is·a·bel·a Island

The largest of the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador, in the Pacific Ocean on the equator.
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I visited the foundation's Breeding Centre on Isla Isabela where they have had great success with captive breeding of land iguanas and several species of tortoise.
Para el analisis del archipielago de Galapagos, se evaluo el area y la altitud de la isla Isabela, con lo cual se evito sobreestimar estos parametros al sumar todas las islas presentes en el archipielago.
Straddling the equator, the 14 islands in the chain are located in both the northern and southern hemisphere, with Volc[sz]n Wolf and Volc[sz]n Ecuador on Isla Isabela being directly on the equator.
The northern third of Isla Isabela lies within the path and enjoys a duration of 3 minutes 21 seconds along its northern coast; Isla Pinta and Isla Marchena are also situated in the path.