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 (ĭs-lä′mə-făsh′ĭz′əm, ĭz-)
The political ideology of militant Islamists viewed as an agency of oppression or hostility toward democracy.

Is·la′mo·fas′cist n.
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(Islam) an ideology promoted by some Islamists, the aims of which are to establish Islamic orthodoxy and to resist western secularism
ˌIslamoˈfascist adj, n
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Pierre-Andre Taguieff has described the term as a new kind of alliance between Islamists and far leftists to describe a movement of Islamo-fascism which involves the extreme left and strong elements of anti-Zionism.
And this was followed by willful blindness, as governments refused to recognize that militant Islamic fundamentalism was actually Islamo-fascism, the third global variant of totalitarianism that die-hard critics had been decrying for a quarter-century.
A Prime Ministry circular that entered into force in recent weeks and a bill sent to Parliament are evidence that those favoring Islamo-fascism have stepped up their efforts.
"It is, for lack of a better term, a dangerous latent Islamo-fascism lying just beneath the surface of Turkish society.
"It is clear now that together with the victims of Islamo-fascism in the Middle East that come as refugees, extreme elements are crossing to Europe," Greek defense minister Panos Kammenos said.
French PM Manuel Valls said Feb 16 the government would defend French Jews against what he described as "Islamo-fascism".
While the critics of the Islamists proclaimed Islam's similarities with fascism--the term 'Islamo-fascism' became rather popular among the critics--the converts are closer not to fascists/Nazis but to Marxist radicals of the early 20th century.
Not unlike marketing experts, successful foreign-policy intellectuals are quick to detect a new trend, attach a sexy label to it ("Red Menace" "Islamo-fascism"), and propose to their clients a brand strategy that answers to the perceived need ("containment" "detente," "counterinsurgency").
It has become the "war on Islamic fascism." "Islamo-fascism" is an emotional term, intended to get the Americans to think less and fear more.
In the past decade, phrases such clash of civilizations, mushroom clouds, and Islamo-fascism were routinely used to stir emotions and manipulate the will of the people.
Terms like "Islamo-fascism", George Bush's intellectual contribution to this debate, are meaningless gibberish.