Island Carib

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Is′land Car′ib

an Arawakan language incorporating many Carib loanwords, formerly spoken in the Lesser Antilles and now surviving only among the Black Caribs of Central America.
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The Garifuna language derives from the Island Carib language.
Ensor draws on settlement layout evidence to support the somewhat variable nature of Taino kinship, and Louis Allaire's wonderful essay reviews documentary and archaeological evidence to deconstruct the origins and identity of the Island Carib.
The rest of the chapters deal with various linguistically salient features: the sound systems; word structure; nouns; verbs; grammatical relations; valency-changing strategies; evidentiality; genders and classifiers; serial verb constructions; sentence formation; stylistic features of Amazonian languages (including numeral systems, speech styles, male and female speech, and mixed languages such as Island Carib); and finally, a succinct summary of the book called the "treasures of Amazonian languages." Although Aikhenvald intends this final chapter as a revelation of what still remains to be investigated, it is rather more a state-of-the-art summary, without specific topics being earmarked as those requiring further study.