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An island in the West Indies off northern Haiti. It was a pirate refuge in the 1600s.


(Placename) an island in the Caribbean, off the NW coast of Haiti: haunt of pirates in the 17th century. Area: 180 sq km (70 sq miles). French name: La Tortue


(tɔrˈtu gə)

an island off the N coast of and belonging to Haiti: formerly a pirate stronghold. 70 sq. mi. (180 sq. km).
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Their catamaran left for the island of Tortuga on Thursday morning.
Granted, some sequences like a barroom brawl on the pirate island of Tortuga and the scary Flying Dutchman--parental warning: Some of this movie could be very upsetting to small children--come off as theme-park-addition-ready.
Will heads for the island of Tortuga, where a number of familiar faces including disgraced Commodore James Norrington (Davenport) and double-act Ragetti (Crook) and Pintel (Arenberg) join the hunt.