a.1.Of or pertaining to islands; full of islands.
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Many of them were caught unprepared when major account holders were told they would lose a proportion of their deposits over e1/4100,000 under a European Union bailout to save the islandy from bankrutpcy.
In this way, the Imagine Peace Tower is a very islandy work: A blue column of light impales the sky, evoking those primary elements of experience.
He also gives credit to Rodney Sheppard's islandy guitar strumming, which he honed during a brief reggae band stint.
The hip-hop-flavored ``Natural,'' funky ``Best Friend,'' soulful ``All in Love Is Fair'' and islandy ``I'll Keep Waiting'' are catchy to the core - just the way kids like it.
Later, after stargazing from our upper deck and marveling at how quiet it was, we spent the evening burrowed into our islandy home, so cozy and comfortable that a hotel room will never seem the same